How Times Have Changed

I love fall. The crispness in the air that leaves our children’s hair smell so good. The way that same crispy air leaves their cheeks just a little pink. This same crispy air and shorter days also triggers our goat herd into breeding mode.

The girls start with their bellowing and tail flapping which is tolerable. It is the guys that can be a lot to take. A buck goat in rut is genuinely aromatic. It is the kind of smell that permeates everything and sticks in the back of your throat. It is also absolutely essential in getting the does into heat so to me them being a bit stinky is not so bad.

When we first started raising goats in 1998 my husband said I would absolutely never be able to have a buck on this farm. Apparently he didn’t like the smell of a buck in rut. We had taken our milking doe to a buck for breeding and when we brought her home, I admit, she was pretty smelly. He was sure we were never going to get the smell out of our clothes or off our hands never mind off our doe. But it wore off as all things do.

So imagine my surprise when I looked out my kitchen window and saw my husband and son sitting right in front of our buck and ram pen shucking corn. Not only were they very close but the wind was blowing very strongly that day from the west. Which meant they were being hit straight in the face with all that buck smell. They were totally enjoying the moment talking and laughing as the bucks fought over their treats.

Since these two seem to be very much enjoying themselves, it appears that times have definitely changed on our farm and bucks are more than allowed. It actually seems to me they’re a much appreciated part of our existence.


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  3. lol It’s a good thing that guys don’t have sensitive noses like us gals! I always thought our buck smelled like melting plastic. A rose by any other name….still smells great to the does :-)

    Sue · Jun 25, 06:56 AM · #

  4. Ms.Chikousky:
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