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I was very excited a couple of months ago when a retired farmer gifted us with an on the counter cream separator, a Vega Model AE D8. This is something we have always wanted. We do have a floor model but we have never had enough milk to warrant running it and the clean-up afterwards. This little one is perfect.

We strain the goat milk in the morning but don’t put it in the fridge so it stays warmish. Then we strain the night time milking and mix them together.

Usually while I am playing with the milk someone else assembles the separator. All the parts have to fit perfectly or it leaks. We found an owners manual online which has been very helpful. We had to find a replacement “O” ring though and finally found one through the auto parts store since it is hard to find parts for old machines.

Once the separator sounds like it is fully up to speed we put 1/2 quart water through it. When the bowl is empty in goes the milk. This machine likes to spin so this is a two person job. One person to hold the spouts in line with the catching jars, the other to pour the milk.

We have to be careful not to overflow our skim milk container too. The first time we used the separator we didn’t realize how much foam grows on top of the milk and had some excitement when our pail tried to overflow.

From three gallons of goat milk we are averaging 3/4 of a two quart jar of cream which is acceptable yield for us. But we do have a bit of a problem because we are not fans of skim goat milk. If there are any readers that have delicious uses for skim goat milk please feel free to leave comments!!

When the milk stops coming out of the separator I have found that pouring a quart of warm water through it really speeds up cleaning. Be careful though and put a new container to catch the water. If you forget the wash water will land in your precious cream and milk.

One recipe we do like is to make a lightly sweetened chocolate milk pudding. Other than that we really miss the depth of flavor whole goat milk imparts on our foods.

Chocolate Milk Pudding
4 cups skim milk
4 tbsp cornstarch
1 cup of honey (I don’t use this much-maybe 1/2 cup)
2 tbsp cocoa

Combine the cocoa and cornstarch with a bit of the cold milk to make a paste while you heat the rest of the milk and the honey till scalded (I know it kills the good stuff but this is a way to use the skim milk up). Now add the paste and stir on medium heat untill it is thick. Take it off the heat and add vanilla. If you omit the cocoa this is also very good vanilla pudding.

My children discovered that if you take a half a glass of this pudding, when it is cold, and add fresh whole cold milk and stir it is very much like the store bought chocolate milk they used to enjoy in our previously naive life.

The butter is beyond compare. It is pure white and so smooth, creamy and you taste it all over your tongue. I have never tasted any butter this delicious before. A friend compared it to buttercream icing. The best part is that it can taste this good and be so good for you. Amazing isn’t it?


  1. Hey, thanks for blogging about this! I just borrowed a beat-up Vega Model AE S8 from a local small farmer to try with our cow-share Jersey milk – and I’m grateful for the tips you include.

    — Finicky Cat · Sep 12, 03:56 PM · #

  2. Feel free to ask us questions cause at the beginning ours was really grumpy. I have pics of all the parts that I have just not had time to post if you need too.

    debbie · Sep 12, 06:06 PM · #

  3. I have a similar cream separator, an old Eskilstuna. I used it once a few years ago and it worked perfectly but when I tried yesterday, there was far too much liquid in the cream portion. Is there a particular order for the 13 cones? I think that might be what was done wrong although there was no leakage anywhere.

    Reply I don't think there is a specific order that the cones have to go in. That sounds to me like the height adjustment is off. We were able to find an owners manual for our cream separator with Google.

    — Janice · Apr 28, 06:16 AM · #

  4. Chickousky Farms,

    Do you recall the size of o-ring that you needed for the bowl(I’m assuming). We just picked up a Vega R8 – to separate our goats milk. Even made goat butter this morning! However, the rubber seal is very old and I’m having a hard time finding the correct size.



    Reply: We took our bowl and ring to the local tractor/automotive parts place and they figured it out. Let us fill it with water to see if it leaked. It is a bit thicker than the original but it works great.

    — Shawn · Jul 5, 11:58 AM · #

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