2012 Baby Season

There is so much going on during baby season that it is really hard to remember to take pictures but I thought it would be a great idea to at least let people know that there are in fact a new crop of calves, goats and soon lambs here on the farm.
The weather has been fairly good and we have had some excitement.
The beef cows blessed us with two sets of twins so far this year. The one is a fifteen year old Angus cross cow that our second oldest had taken for 4-H years ago. Both of the twins are alive and doing very well and what makes them a little bit more rare for us is that they are the result of an artificial insemination breeding Gary had done last spring. We bred several cows when we discovered our herd sire was incapable of breeding and that went very well. All but two calved and Foggy had twins so it we are very glad we had semen in the tank to start our breeding season with last year.
We have just began having calves from our Welsh Black sire and they look very promising. The other set of twins was from him but one was born dead. We always believe in being thankful for what we get though and one live calf is definitely better than none. It is very sad though to help a cow deliver a still born calf. The forecast for the next two weeks is warming up so that will help with getting the rest of the calves on the ground safely since apparently Cherie and I miscounted and have both the cows and the goats having their babies at the same time.
Our goats have started slow but are starting to pick up speed. So far it appears that we have finally got our nutrition figured out because they are by far the bounciest babies we have had for a long time. We waiting patiently to hear of the birth of our new buck from Alex Cripps in New Brunswick also. He is to breed our Flying Bird daughters this fall and I can hardly wait to see the milk production here soar. We did breed a couple of Flying Bird daughters to kid in July as well as this spring so patience will have to be learned around here.
As soon as we get a chance pictures will be posted.


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