Kefir Grains

We have the ability to share our milk kefir grain supply.  We will ship 1 tablespoon anywhere in Canada, regular post, for $5.00.


When the grains arrive they should be rinsed in unchlorinated water and placed in fresh milk.  They should be left on the counter, in a glass container with a lid, for twenty-four hours.  This first batch we usually feed to animals and then continue to make for human use.  If there are any questions please ask.


  1. If you still ship kefir grains, I am vert interested in obtaining some.

    I will mail the money once I have your mailing address.

    Enjoyed reading all about your farming experiences.


    Paul Sproule

    — Paul Sproule · Apr 29, 06:55 AM · #

  2. Do y’all ship to the lower 48? I’m in FL.


    Reply: We have in the past

    — Blane · Nov 26, 03:08 AM · #

  3. Enjoyed reading all about your farming experiences.


    — andyson · May 11, 06:25 PM · #

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