Grey Yarn

We are extremely excited to be offering this home grown grey yarn. It was processed at Custom Woolen Mills in Alberta, Canada. This is a Light to Medium weight yarn according to the Craft Yarn Council's this would be considered a 3/4 rating. It can be used in knitting machines, for hand knitting, or in weaving for warp or weft.

The animals that supplied this yarn are happily living at our farm waiting to provide us with more this spring.

The white is from our purebred Rambouillet ram, Bartholomew, the black is from our Rambouillet/Clun Forrest ram Jim. There was a few more white fleeces from ewes, also Rambouillet crosses, to get this beautiful grey which is also soft to the touch.

We are offering it for $10.00/100 grams. Shipping, we will charge the actual price of packaging and postage, is available through our local post office.


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